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Comic Book Onesie

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This onesie is super stretchy, soft, breathable and vibrant. It has 4 sturdy metal snaps at the crotch.

Materials: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

*Sizes run larger due to the material being extra stretchy and soft (stretch to 10cm extra per measurement), please buy a size lower than your measured or buy according to stretched size*

Please see the sizing/care page for a close up of the sizing chart in inches and cm or CLICK HERE

*Please note that preorder dates are an approximation and may vary by a week should any unforseen circumstances arise

Customer Reviews

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POW! BAM! I'm fighting evil forces and bedtime monsters now with my SUPER AWESOME comic book powers! Bad guys beware! My diaper is safe from (almost) all threats with my karate chop action! With high flying adventure and bottom of the sea exploration, you'd be silly not to leap a 12 story building into one of these bad boys!

Excellent Service

Really friendly and down to earth totally excellent customer service :-)


the design is very cute but the cotton is like one of my sport t shirt‘s.

Hi Kevin, The material is a polyester blend as stated for vivid colour, softness and stretch. Thanks!
Had to have this cool looking design!

The print is gorgeous, the quality high, the fabric stretchy which makes the fit good. I could have gone smaller but do not like tight. The cut makes it a bit low on the chest-- good for girls but not so much for guys. The customer service from Sim was first rate. You should get one of these--quite light weight.

Almost perfect

Love the fabric designs, but be aware this material is STRRRRRRREEEEETCHY!

So much so i can easily take the onesie by stepping out of the neck hole.

Neckline is just way to big anyways, would be the same even if i got a size smaller, even 2 sizes smaller and it'd be the same.

I love the fabric, i love the designs, but the build of the onesie is just all wrong.


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